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Overflows can either be internal or external. Sometimes external drains can get clogged by heavy rains or storm. If you’re having internal overflow problems in Manchester, then it means that your water is entering your cistern when it shouldn’t. A good sign of internal overflows is when you hear water trickling in your reservoir long after you flush the toilet.

During these times, tree branches, soil, leaves, and rocks can block your internal drainage making it impossible for you to get rid of dirty water. It’s therefore essential to clean your external drainage after heavy rains and storms. These to ensure that you get rid of any debris that could cause a blockage.

Water overflows can render your whole compound useless because you can’t use it since water has flooded it. The pool of water can also attract deadly insects like mosquitoes that can cause malaria and other deadly diseases.

Call a qualified plumber, whenever you notice, overflows to help you get rid of the issue.

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