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Most common plumbing emergencies in Manchester

Do you have a plumbing emergency? If so, you are not alone. After all, your plumbing problem becomes our problem the moment you put us on the line. Emergency Plumber Manchester faces common plumbing emergencies on a daily basis.

Here are 5 plumbing emergencies of the most common in Manchester:

1. Clogged sinks

Plumbing emergenciesYou’re washing dishes in the kitchen or brushing your teeth in the bathroom and the sink refuses to drain. A slow drain is annoying, but it is not necessarily a plumbing emergency. However, if the clogging becomes severe, the flow of water could stop completely, which could cause a serious slowdown in daily activities.

2. Clogged toilets

Is your bathroom clogged, making strange noises, leaking or refusing to rinse? Since the toilet is the most used piece of equipment in the home, one of these common plumbing emergencies is enough to ruin the day. Try some DIY tips to unblock the toilet, but remember that an unresolved problem can allow leaks to cause structural damage or back up raw sewage to present health risks.

3. Clogged tubs and shower drains

You are taking a shower and the water begins to rise to your ankles, or a strange gurgling sound comes from the drain. Soap scum and accumulation of hair are the most common reasons behind this plumbing emergency.

4. Leaking water heater

In case you discover a water leak or another problem that interrupts the hot water supply, you could be wasting a lot of money on water heating. A leak can also cause property damage. A leaking water heater valve can be easily replaced, but if the water heater wall has completely rusted, a completely new water heater is needed to overcome the problem. Call Manchester Plumber for water heater installation.

5. No hot water

That’s what nightmares are made of: you jump into the shower and wash your soap with your favourite body cleanser, when suddenly the water turns cold. You may encounter a malfunction of the water heater, an electrical problem or a leak in the plumbing system. Also, it may be your utility company’s fault that you don’t have hot water.

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